.NET Consultant Web Apps

microsoftdotnetWe have the experience and skills needed to transform your concept and idea into a functional web application. We can fully service a multitude of needs with our in-house C# and web-services development team. Integration services to Line of Business app development and XAML or XML driven data source development, configuration and testing. We utilize and leverage some of the best cloud services from Amazon’s AWS bundles to Rackspace and Azure and can get your web service and endpoint the service driven performance it must have to scale today and tomorrow.


Some of the frameworks and web-services including MVVM, MVC, WCF, WPF, and Silverlight. We can develop and deploy for your environment in MSSQL configurations ranging from 2008R2 to 2012. Creation and deployment of enterprise level data services and applications to consume them are what we bring to the table for every project we spec. When you are looking to get a functional out of the box performance based program you can count on our extensive years of development experience. We do not outsource the development to other countries and you meet with our development team which we scale to your specific project needs.



Integration into third party services is more important now then it has ever been and the cost savings implications for your organization can be substantial. Integration with middle-ware or API development or consumption from third parties are a services we provide EMC, Authorize.NET, Swipe, Twillo, Alfresco, Flex 4 application bases and XAML/XML driven SOAP and REST appliances. Production of ASP.NET websites into production or porting of Classic ASP as well. Linq to entities and Linq to SQL extensions are another service we can provide for your app development needs.