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You need to impress your audience and convert browsers into buyers. We get it and ensure that your new websites form and function are a proper fit for the market you are targeting. When you need to impress, Lakeway Web Design delivers.

Responsive Websites

We use the responsive layout based on Twitter's Bootstrap Framework, with its collection of utility classes, to provide a great degree of flexibility for a responsive design.

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Custom Plugin Development

Lakeway Web Design produces custom open source work for major CMS like Joomla and WordPress, such as our popular 'eDoc Application'.



The future is bright and HTML5 is leading the way to a more mobile, engaging web. Get onboard with blazing fast web applications and ask us for some samples and ideas today


Austin Web Design

we connect you and your customers to the future with innovative layout and web based application development
the Technologies you demand  The web is evolving, your website is expected to also
Be More then a bounce Powerful Measurement tools track your progress
  • Google Analytics Setup  Automation and Installation of Enterprise Tracking, standard on all websites
  • Tracking of your Rankings What is your SERP position? If thats greek 2 you call us NOW!
  • Track Conversions Knowledge in tracking your inbound marketing
  • Learn who is looking at you Segmenting your insight to find new potentials
  • Get social insights that matter Build a social program makes your website thrive
  • Engage at the right moment Built in messaging and communication at the right time
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When it comes to how your website looks, it needs to speak to YOUR clients and customers. NOT the customers you think you will have, but the actual customers you DO have. Austin Web Design for instance needs to be segmented into one of a few major categories first. Here are the top 5 categories for segmenting your website appeal to the Austin crowd.

1. Modern Website, Green Friendly - This is a website that is geared to the person or company that has a green appeal, as in eco-friendly green. The images that are used need to be happy and colorful as well as easy to read, large, and simple. The site messaging needs to remain consistent on 1-2 topics and you should not present more then a few pages.

2. Corporate Casual - Websites that are able to "dress" like the intended business are winners. The first rule is to dress accordingly for the interview, so to speak. The best way to do this is with a website that has the appropriate artwork assets. If a company is business casual as so many in ATX are, then by all means don't use people in suits or skinny jeans! A simple concept but one that is missed way to often.

3. UT bound - UT UT UT can never go wrong. We always present a 'Orange' themed website to all our clients as one of the 3 -5 mock-ups that they review and have a bit over 50% of them signing onto the Orange coloration theme. Coincidence? We think not.

4. Hipster-ific - So we define this as doing something with the website that no one has ever seen. Your appeal will be like 5 minutes before its old, but it will get spread like wildfire in that time. Why? Because they want everyone else to know they were first, and social sharing is usually how that happens. This is a great design concept for Austin boutiques and shops that cater to all, but sell to specific interest groups primarily.

5. Open and motion incorporated - The city is on the move, well unless your on I-35/Mopac or most other roads around rush-hour. Appeal to the quick and young demographic that inhabits this city by providing them with a firsthand experience of what it is you are pitching, with video or dynamic animations. Having it work on mobile perfectly also is an absolute must. So preview your concepts from the get-go on mobile devices that your audience will be using. iPhone and Android anyone?

So keep the target demographic in mind at all times and you will be presented with success in you online endeavors. Too much to keep in mind at all times? No problem! Give us a call and we will help you get the right message across to your target markets in a stylistic way that gets results

Responsive Ready


Goggle now favours websites that have mobile layout and planning in place for higher search results placement. Don't get left in the dust by the competition who is mobile ready.

Website Tune-up


The speed of your website is now yet another in the long list of metrics that Google is using to determine when they serve your page. We can tweak your site to a speed-daemon, browser-blazing beast that gets people to stay longer, visit more pages, and convert better. Learn more about our website tune-ups.

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