Alfresco Document Management – How to rule your piles of paper (Digitally of course)

Alfresco Document Management Systems

Alfresco document management systems simplify your workflow and ease the transition of artwork assets between developers and designers or other coexisting team of employees. The system allows you to upload folders to a document library that can be shared with specific people within a company. You can create work flows for yourself,  your team, or others. You can manage tasks, deadlines, and calendars. All versions of files can be saved for easy backup conversion. You can even access this information and the document database from anywhere with an internet connection.

Alfresco 4.2.0

Alfresco’s latest and greatest version is 4.2.0 which has amazing new features like lightbox image previews and previews of Photoshop, Illustrator, and .pdf files. Easy on the fly view of files can save long, unnecessary download times. This can prevent accidental downloads of the wrong file that may have a similar name.

Workflow kick offs are new as well. You can use the task manager to create a workflow to assign to others. This piece of code was added thanks to open source contributions to the new version of Alfresco. If you cannot make it into the office you can still assign to your team what work needs to get done for you to complete your end of any deal. You can also set a workflow for yourself to keep on track with clients and projects.

Less Paper, more production

Content management systems are fantastic because they cut down the amount of paper a company uses and saves them money. The global access makes it easier to work at home than ever before. Alfresco creates flexibility for its users like local shared networks cannot. NASA, MERCK, and many other big name organizations use Alfresco because they know it to be a reliable platform. My personal experience has been very enjoyable and I am glad to have it for our company.

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