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Austin HTML5 makes the transition for next generation browsers a smooth and plugin free experience. Some of the features include the AMAZING new CSS3 style properties that create amazing site styles, easy integration of videos, and direct access to databases. We are building the future now with AngularJS, jQuery and HTML 5, check out some of our client sites to examine those features.


The future of websites is 3, CSS3 that is. Some of the very cool effects that can be rendered in-browser include drop-shadows, indents, rounding and angled edge elements for borders. Superior Typography for the web is also implemented with CSS3 and we are Austin and Lakeway custom development house for this exciting new technology.


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Web based apps have traditionally needed to have a component that allows them to be run, via Java/Flash/Flex or other plugin. Austin HTML5 experts Lakewy Web can get you running a web based apps seamlessly and capture the amazing customer interactions your site and app need.

Your HTML 5 website starts NOW

All modern browsers now support the draft standards for HTML 5 and CSS3 implementations including Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well as mobile browsers. Building interaction and beautiful website for the next 5 years starts today, and Lakeway Web Design can get your there.


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AngularJS – jQuery and AJAX make you look like a star!

AngularJS CSS3 or jQuery are compatible so you can build your websites new features without worrying about breaking the already existing feature sets that you have. The users ability to enjoy a rocket fast feeling helps your APP or WEB get RESULTS! This is a huge plus for you when you are doing a slow upgrade to your websites look and feel without wanting to have an entire site redesign all at once.