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Joomla is a powerful, secure and advanced Content Management System that is a great fit for corporate and unique web properties that drive sustained traffic and need exceptional features. Some of the many benefits of Joomla are the amazing customer interactivity we can build in to capture applications, files and documents and present this in a secure employee area. Joomla is also the platform of choice for eCommerce based applications and use. We can even build “cloud” based Point of Sale appliances for your Joomla site.

Joomla is great for Flexible Forms

No other company rivals the ability of Austin Joomla Developer when it comes to use of custom form fields to capture and process client information. We have some very popular extensions developed that really help companies out with thousands of installs! Complete online applications specific for Insurance, retail and medical are just a few of the capabilities we have deployed with our clients Joomla based websites.



Impressive UX Design capabilities


Joomla allows you to break out of the mold of traditional web design and experience a new and exciting way to present your online presence. Flexible Module placements and expanding layouts create a website that is perfect for laptop and desktop based browsers as well as tablet and smartphones, all for the same price.

Project Focus at Austin Joomla Developer

Not just for your browsing clients, but for you as well. Lakeway Web Design sets up your Joomla back-end so that you have access to control all of the features you need to keep your website up to date and fresh. Amazingly functional WYSIWYG editors allow you to have Microsoft Office similar experiences in writing content. Easy to upload images and files and empowering access to our Knowledge Base of specific questions answered in short 5 minute videos. Now that is easy!


Take Joomla to the Cloud

We can deploy your Joomla instance with a CDN such as MaxCDN or Amazon S3 and Cloudfront to give your site lightning fast load times around the globe or country. Site Speed is an important component of your websites Joomla Organic Search Ranking and we can get your speed under 5 seconds in almost every case. Just another point we check to ensure your website gets traffic.

We Migrate J 1.5, 1.6 or 1.7 J 2.5 to 3.5

This April Joomla 1.5 will be at the EOL (End of Life) and needs to be updated to the latest platform to ensure security as well as leverage all the amazing new features. In February 2012 Joomla 1.7 reached EOL and needs to be upgraded to 3.5, a much easier migration pathway. Contact us for a free quote on migrating your legacy Joomla site to the latest version today.


Subscription Based Content

We can create a very easy to manage front-end that allows for certain paying customers to have access to additional information on your website and handles the billing automatically. Monetize your support stream is just another of the possible options with a subscription based plugin deployed by Austin Joomla experts.


We are SEO ready for your Joomla site

We offer a free consultation on what it will take to get your Joomla site ranked well. We incorporate these items into our scratch builds but also help many clients who had a site built by another company that does not get good search results. Give us a call and get back in the driver seat today.