Austin Joomla Training

Lakeway Web Design is now offering a class for trainging end users of Joomla. There has been an overwhelming desire for training sessions on how to administer and maintain a Joomla based website as well as questions on topics like security, speed, mobile capabilities, and especially proper SEO for Joomla 2.5. Our training will make beginning as a Joomla administrator stress free. Things you will learn in our course:
1. Select a template optimized for proper SEO and mobile capabilities.
2. Install of templates and secondary templates.
3. How to navigate the administrative backend and create a secure user experience.
4. Discuss the differences between articles, modules, and layouts, and how to insert the appropriate content into each.
5. How set the homepage content and create image sliders.
6. How to insert a logo into your theme.
7. Plug-ins, components, and modules of your theme as well as going over the top five most important extensions.
8. How to create and organize your site menus and categorization.
9. Setting up user permissions for front end and back end users.
10. How to use the most popular WYSIWYG for Joomla.
11. How to write SEO optimized text and format appealing article layouts.
12. How to use create different types of pages.
13. How to install SEF URLs.
14. How to install your Joomla CMS onto a server.
15. Appropriate backup and offsite backup.
16. Using Google Analyitics to track site visitors and statistics.
17. How to use offsite video media for enhancing your page.
18. Setting up contact forms and email addresses.
19. How to enter the correct information into Meta descriptions and keywords, and proper alt image tagging.
20. Plus a free hour of Q and A at the end of every session to go over the specific problems and solutions you are facing.

Joomla Training by professionals

We practice what we preach and that is why over time we have noticed the same questions coming up over and over from our clients and trainees which are the topics we cover in the course. Our goal is to provide you not just the set of tools you need to address the current website that you are maintaining or creating, but to give you the knowledge to seek out the proper solutions to future items that arise. Reguardless of your level of experience with Joomla going into the session, everyone will walk out of the our training with a the congfidence to grasp and take initiative to create the website experiences that their end users desire.

What you get

All of our training sessions are also recorded so you have access to the material in the future as well as a burned copy of the training class. You also recieve a workbook to review with materials we go over in class as well. Bring your laptop and we will have one on one interactions with your specific problems to deal with. We also show you how to take your marketing to the next level with a variety of tools such as google adwords and mailchimp.
1. Video burned of the training session plus online copy in case you lose your dvd.
2. Complete manual going over all the covered topics plus additional references in both printed and PDF versions.
3. Hands on interactive training that helps YOU with YOUR site! Most of our competition offer training on the generics of Joomla, not the specifics you will encounter with your unique site.
4. Integrated Q and A for on-topic learning and education.
5. Certification of completion of training session for your workplace. We also offer an optional scoring test which is completed after the training session for an additional fee.

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