Search Engine Optimization Tune Ups

The web is powered by massive search engines and the tools they use to allow sites to be seen are hidden from the average website owner. SERP’s to SEF’s and in between, we have guided insight for you. It’s a FACT. The top 2 listings in Google will get over 80% of the traffic for searches. This is a make or break for you and your company. If you are not on the front page then you will be missing out on the sales your competition is getting. Don’t get left behind by having great products, services and people but not having a good website presence.


Search Engine Results Pages

Every part of an online business is now highly defined by the success of your website to get a good ranking in the Search Engine Result Page’s display or SERP’s. The top ranked sites will get the lion’s share of the traffic and therefore get a lions share of the business. It is a game changer that many business have failed to grasp, A website without a good clean SEO strategy is like a plane without wings.

Be sure to select your SEO provider with care! Many things can have a permanent negative impact on your website, including being de-listed.

We do not believe in starting too late or in targeting just one venue and approach for you to get the best placement you can in Google, Bing, Yahoo! and local directories. Visit us today for some insight into our track record and fixed price per services.

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Lakeway Web Design has a great approach for how you can get the ball rolling today. Give us a call and as always you don’t pay for our initial consultation. Time is all about Authoritative Ranking so get indexed and start your journey to success today.


Our Monthly Service Level Plans

Site Reporting Site Networking Site Restructure Social Building
Standard Level Plan  Included  Included  Not Included  Not Included
Premium Level Plan  Included  Included  Included  Included
A La Carte Available  Available  Not Available  Available  Available


Our Methodology

Some of the Key Elements we address for our clients Search Optimization:

Social Media Success

Some of the Key Elements we address for our clients Social Media needs:

  • Constant Monitoring
  • Active Updating
  • Intelligent Feeds propogation
  • Blog Integrations
  • Keyword Impact on Socail Sites
  • Socail Integration to site
  • Support for Problems
  • How to handle generating fans
  • Creating stunning pages
  • Targeting and Branding correctly
  • Account Problems
  • Attract Customers

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