Austin WordPress Developer

austin wordpress developersAustin WordPress Developer

WordPress is a fast and friendly Content Management System that is a great fit for smaller websites and engaging social content. Some of the many benefits of using a local Austin WordPress developer are easy communication, simple interface iterative design, and hands-on training. We create custom WordPress sites that match the specific need of our customers.

WordPress is easy for SEO

No other CMS is as out of the box friendly for the purposes of Search Engine Optimization. WordPress is quick to tune up and easy to add content in the proper structure for indexation. Give us a call and have us run some on-page optimization analysis to see what Austin web design can do to boost your WordPress site.


Clean User and Admin Interface

wordpress admin interface

wordpress admin interface

WordPress can be learned in a few hours. We make training videos for all of our customers on the simple “How-to” features and functions of their site so they can refer to them as they need in the future. WordPress Page and Post is an easy to understand concept we ensure all our clients understand and can implement, which enables them to have long-term success with us.

WordPress is easy to understand

What is a Tag and a category? How can I filter results and display only certain content? What is the fastest way to get a few products for sale on my website? All of these questions have fast answers in under five minutes and we make sure your small businesses website is easy to operate and run and we stand behind every deployment.


Wordpress is FASTWordPress is FAST

Site speed is an important factor to ensure that you get customers to stay and visit multiple pages and convert into clients. WordPress is a lightweight and scale-able solution that can be expanded to the largest cloud or the smallest server and still be turned into a performance machine. We get these results for you with before and after analysis and ROI impact assessment.

This CMS is Easy

Click a button, up-to-date. This is the reality of most WordPress installations and we can troubleshoot websites that we didn’t create if you are having problems after an update as well. Most of the thousands of plugins that area available for WordPress are safe, but some are not. we know the difference and will ensure your website is secure and safe.


WordPress E-commerce DevelopersWordpress Custom eCommerce Website Developer

Lakeway web design can install and upgrade or build you a WordPress eCommerce solution that is perfect for your needs. We support Foxy cart and cart66 to name the top couple of solutions and we can get them configured and setup with your Authorize.Net, Paypal, 2co and many other payment gateways in a snap. Give us a call today and start selling  in a few days. Easy to manage, shipping integrated results and nice reporting features included.


WordPress Site Audit and Tuneup

One of the biggest requests we get is to help get a WordPress site that used to be fast back into top shape, often as a result of a sites successful acquisition of thousands of visits and increased traffic patterns. We are Austin’s best WordPress tuning and security assessment firm. We manage a large portfolio of sites and have the capabilities and tools in place to automate the status and health of a WordPress site. Get piece of mind and performance in one stop with Lakeway Web Design.