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WordPress is a fast and friendly Content Management System that is a great fit for ANY size or genre of a website. We have 7 years experience as the premier Austin WordPress developer and have worked on over 60 WordPress websites of all types and for clients of every size. We are easy to communicate with, have a great design-to-build process, and offer hands on training and support for after the fact. We create custom WordPress sites that match the specific need of our customers.

6 Reasons you need to consider WordPress for your website
Austin WordPress Design

1. Easy to Use Website Creation

WordPress was built for the ability to make content creation simple. In recent years this capability has been supercharged. WordPress can be learned in a few hours. We make training videos for all of our customers on the simple “How-to” features and functions of their site so they can refer to them as they need in the future. WordPress Page and Post is an easy to understand concept we ensure all our clients understand and can implement, which enables them to have long-term success with us.

WordPress comes with a full WYSIWYG (What You See IWhat You Get) editor, in fact it comes with two with the release of Gutenberg. Below is the Classic Editor and Gutenberg. Eze-peze.

2. You can make WordPress do wildly useful things, just about anything, and most are FREE!

WE LOVE PLUGINS. You will also, you just don’t know it yet. The plugin store is like the app store for your website. Builtin, tested, reviewed, and covering just about everything you could ever want to do on the internet. Not only do we know how to implement plugins and style them for your website, we also create plugins. That’s right we have several listed in the WordPress store already. Not only that, but we can develop a custom plugin for you as well. What could be better? Offer your services via a plugin across the largest web platform in existence. Nice.

How simple is it? This easy.

3. Great for SEO right out of the box

WordPress is great for SEO without any additional plugins or settings, but with them it gets even better. Let’s be honest, getting a site seen is more then half the challenge. You need as many tools working for you and not causing problems. WordPress does this great, and with setup and tweaking, it can be perfect.

WordPress is quick to tune-up written content with the tags and structure that search engines like to see. Give us a call and have us run some on-page optimization analysis to see what Austin Web Design can do to boost your WordPress site. We do this for FREE.


4. Elementor makes the magic EASY

WordPress is a great platform, but most of the typical expense has been associated with the development of themes and then making those themes responsive (mobile friendly) for all devices. This process has been rapidly speed up thanks to Elementor. What once took weeks, now takes days. Elementor is a framework for your website that allows extensive customization in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Lakeway Web Design passes these savings on to the client, because its the right thing to do. We include an active Elementor Pro license with every one of our websites that has an active hosting or support contract. If you decide to use your site elsewhere you can easily buy a 1 year license for $49, at the time of this writing, and continue to receive updates.


5. Automated schedules = always fresh content for Google

We know what search engines like, and with automated schedules for the release of new content, you will keep them happy and coming back to more. Content is king and a must-do for every business that wants to compete for a good search ranking. We show you the ropes and set you up to get your new website good rankings, even when you are away from the desk.


6. Security is Important A Must Critical

Not-so-fun-fact. If you run a website and it gets hacked and delivers malware to end users, you have destroyed your reputation as a trustworthy website. Thankfully we have awesome plugins like WordFence to help keep us safe and secure. Couple that with thoughtful server rules setup to limit access from problematic actors, and we have a great platform for delivering a secure web experience.

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