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Austin WordPress classes
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Online WordPress Classes

We are now offering in-person seats ONLINE training on WordPress at Lakeway Web Design. By popular demand we now are offering 4 different lengths of training sessions for end users of WordPress. We cover everything from how to administer and maintain your own WordPress website and keep it secure, fast, mobile friendly, and even get better rankings in Google’s search engines. We can get you up and running from scratch in just a few hours. We understand the daunting task that a beginning WordPress administrator faces and our courses are specifically designed to help you navigate these ropes. Austin Online US WordPress Training gives you the edge and gets a site up and running FAST. Below are the top twenty items we cover for our classes.

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Top 20 Features Of Our Training Program

  1. Selecting a good WordPress theme and examine it for proper SEO and mobile capabilities.
  2. Customizing a theme 101, from homepage to blogs.
  3. Adjust the settings to provide user security and how to navigate the dashboard.
  4. Discuss the differences between posts and pages.
  5. Creating and updating a WordPress homepage.
  6. How to adjust and update the themes logo, header, and colors.
  7. How to install and configure plugins. We go over the top 5 must have ones as well.
  8. How to create and organize your site with categories for posts.
  9. What are tags and how to use them.
  10. How to setup static landing pages for marketing.
  11. How to write proper amounts of text for a good SEO presence, and make the page layout visually appealing.
  12. How to use widgets and assign widgets on certain pages.
  13. How to create new pages and posts and organize a site with a sitemap.
  14. How to align and manipulate photos with the most recent versions of WordPresses exciting new media manager.
  15. How to backup and offsite your backup for safety and security of your website.
  16. How to install and track users on your website with Google Analytics.
  17. How to embed media such as Videos into your website.
  18. We cover how to install and configure your websites contact form and setup email addresses.
  19. How to enter the correct information into Meta descriptions and keywords, and proper alt image tagging.
  20. Address specific problems you are facing.

WordPress Training By Professionals

We practice what we preach and that is why over time we have noticed the same questions coming up over and over from our clients and trainees which are the topics we cover in the course. Our goal is to provide you not just the set of tools you need to address the current website that you are maintaining or creating, but to give you the knowledge to seek out the proper solutions to future items that arise. Regardless of your level of experience with WordPress going into the session, everyone will walk out of the our training with a the confidence to grasp and take initiative and create the website experiences that their end users desire.

What You Get With Our Training Courses

Bring your laptop or use one of our Mac or Windows Desktops and get ready for one on one interactions with your specific problems. We also show you how to take your marketing to the next level with a variety of tools such as Google AdWords and MailChimp.

  • One-on-one problem and solution training to answer your specific questions.
  • FREE one year Elementor Pro access for your website, if you desire. 
  • Hands on interactive training that helps YOU with YOUR site! Most of our competition offer training on the generics of WordPress, not the specifics you will encounter with your unique site.
  • Integrated Q and A for on-topic learning and education.
  • Certification of completion of WordPress training session for your workplace available. We also offer an optional scoring test which is completed after the training session for an additional fee ($125).


Online WordPress training classes are now available!

$50 for a 1 hour course. Book Now

$100 for a 2 hours course. Book Now

Was $250, now $175 for a 4 hours course. Book Now

Was $400,  now $325  for a full day class. Book Now


Classes are held Monday – Friday and are online only currently (COVID)

Classes are first come, first booked (cbased on availability in calendar link) and limited to two people per class booked. Shoot us an email, give us a call (512-807-9327) or click here to sign up today.

On-site training for your company or team costs $600 and serves groups in the greater Austin metropolitan area (within 50 miles). On-Site courses are 6 hours long. Contact us to book a on-site training session.

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