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Targeted Marketing

We ensure your target audience IS the focus and know the color and thematic elements that speak to them.

Magento eComm

Magento is the eComm platform that gives you every tool you need to grow. Reporting, webservice, accounting integration, shipping support and processing. Make customers yours for life.

jQuery + WordPress

Arganesse has a one-of-a-kind product and support for that beauty product that required extensive customization and cutting edge jQuery .Slide customization.

Google Keep for Design Inspiration

Cloud storage and note-taking all in one free service

Google keep is the latest product from Google and the company’s answer to the popular Evernote program. Cloud storage and note taking are ever important features in our society. Google’s cloud service Drive now comes integrated onto several brand name pieces of high technology, for example large format printers and multi-function scanner, printer, cloud sharing services and machines.

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Our latest launch – Radiant RFID

We love to send out a brand new website into the www waters to sail for our clients. We just got done with a happy sendoff in time for a big conference that tied in very nice with our clients new website. One of the most important parts of RadiantRFID’s launch was styles and visual layout cohesion are important when you are designing a presence for a company that sells a physical product and has the need for marketing materials to speak consistently, something that many of our competition simply do not take into account. Creating a Joomla, or whatever CMS, masterpiece doesn’t start with building out a bunch of random similar traits, it needs to have creative art direction and carry the brand with emphasis as most peoples first critical stop on the path to purchase is on your website. When style and presentation matter, give us a call to make sure that it is done right.