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Primary Web Annoyances- Updating Interface Without Warning

Doubtless you have heard someone complain about interface on sites like Facebook or mobile apps used to access social media. Imagine the difficulty of having an update pushed on the back end of your Content Management System without any warning or introduction. Such changes can kill productivity. Recently there was a huge CMS interface change to MailChimp. While this clean design does simplify the interface ultimately it provides a learning curve that slows down production and output.

Simple Solutions

The three simplest solutions to avoiding frustration are: choice, explanation, and fair warning.
The best of these is the ability to allow your users to choose. You can let them know an update is coming and give them a choice of switching back and forth between versions. This allows slow familiarity with the new interface. It also allows for you to get feedback on beta testing to see if you are actually creating a better user experience. The next best possibility is to create a popup walkthrough of your new back end user experience. A simple walkthrough to show users how to navigate their new digital environment can alleviate confusion related to new placement and location of key features. If none of these are options at least give your users a fair and advanced warning that a change is coming. That way companies can be sure to complete important tasks prior to change overs, and schedule to allow new interface learning time into their schedule. Otherwise you will create frustration and lose clients. Also it is important to provide rare updates. You do not want to update your interface more than once a year at most. Critical security updates are fine to do more often, but users need to feel secure in their experience as well. Limit visual and UI updates to provide a warm and familiar environment as well as user productivity.

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