Customized Social Media Artwork

Customized Social Media Artwork

Many companies don’t have their website alone, they also have social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. A wide variety of social media sites brings direct interaction between organizations and consumers like never before. Customized social media can help you stand out above the crowd.

Certain sites like Facebook and Twitter have many active users but allow for very little customization. For Twitter you can only utilize a custom background. In this background you can place product codes, contact information, or just work with leading lines to draw the viewers’ eyes into the body of Tweets. With Facebook you only have the posts, advertising, but primarily you have the timeline cover photo. The timeline cover photo allows unique interaction between the profile image and the banner. It can be an aesthetic visual shoot off of the profile image or again be used with arrows and leading lines to bring a viewer’s attention to coupons, sales, or promos. Facebook does not allow contact information of requests for purchases in these cover photos.

A Youtube page can be more customized by altering the physical layout with html. Background images and textures can be achieved. For bigger clients major revisions can be made to the layouts and custom backgrounds are a must.

Other places to draw inspiration for personalization include sites that don’t allow much customization themselves, yet should not be over looked. Dribble is a social media site for designers that allows for personal display of graphic works both physical and digital as well as works in progress and inspiration displays. On Dribble you can view product images for applications, websites, logos, themes, fonts and other aspects of graphic representation. These are organizable into projects or clients. Whereas Behance, another social media portfolio site, is leaning more towards all artistically inclined mediums. You can browse photography, illustration, printmaking, and even art direction. Designers and artists of the world are going to put up the best stuff they have as these sites double as portfolios. These sites are great inspirational wells to draw from when looking for sleek, modern design to draw from for a client.

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