Email Marketing- A Make or Break for Every Business

You are NOT Spamming Your Customers!

Email marketing is a huge deal. With the rise of sites such as Groupon and Living Social more and more people are becoming accustomed to receiving email promotions in their mailbox. Gmail has even custom altered their inbox to create a space for promotions. More and more people are signing up to receive email marketing.

How can Email Marketing Help You?

Email marketing can be signed up for by people looking to make first time purchases or long term customers looking for deals. This is why it is important to provide a link or form to sign up for email marketing on all sites, social media, and concurrent email blasts. Deals may be forwarded to friends who want to click to join the email list as well. Email marketing is an easily transferrable, cheap and often free, way to encourage impulse buys among customers old and new. When your SEO isn’t getting your business to the top of Google you should consider an email marketing campaign to get the word out about your business.

Many people choose to use Groupon or Living Social for this. But the problem with these sites is they take a cut of the cost. So when selling a product you may have to take a loss to create a nice enough deal to bring people in. Creating your own campaign using Mail Chimp or Constant Contact gives you the full profit. You create and launch your own deals whenever you like. Mail Chimp is my favorite due to it’s clean design and simple or customizable layout creation.

Even if customers do not take advantage of the deal they may call with other questions about products or services. Email blasts put your business at the forefront of thought.

 What Should I Include in my Campaign?

A good campaign is done in a clean design HTML format with an option to view as plain text. A clean minimalist design should highlight deals with multiple header texts and colors and high quality photography and UI elements. Button links to the site should be included. All your contact info should be included in red text with a call to action. All social media buttons should be included to draw customers into your social sphere.

One other critical thing you will need to consider is content. You need someone who writes excellent marketing content. You can hire this person over Freelancer or read up on marketing content writing yourself. Marketing content is different than SEO content. You are not attempting to convince Google of anything here. What you want is to use psychology and keywords to encourage purchases. If you want to sell something in the summer you should talk about how it relates to summer time activities. For example, if you are selling laser hair removal you will want to stress making people feel better about their body on the beach.

Email marketing will boost your sales. If done correctly you can expect returns and gains in profits. Normal to fairly good return rate is about 20%. That’s pretty decent for clicking a button to send a page to a list serv. Spread the word about your business for free and grow into a formidable economic force.

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