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Multiple Image Trims and Exports: No Longer a Nightmare

So you have a simple but tedious task. You have a bunch of small UI elements, or logos, or custom images of some kind in one Photoshop file. You need them all individually trimmed and exported. You dread having to use 20 click commands just to export one. There’s hundreds of them. That could take hours!

The Solution to a Common Problem

Here is where Photoshop’s scripts menu comes in handy! Under File -> Scripts -> Export Layers to Files Photoshop has a built in trim and export action feature for pngs. First select all the layers you wish to export in your psd. This step is helpful is you just with to export layers form a design mock up. Next click the Export Layers to Files command from the scripts menu. Click trim and transparency. Create a new folder where you desire all your new pngs to go. Leave the prefix box empty. All the pngs will be exported with a number for the order exported and then the layer name. This is the only downside. You will have to go rename all your pngs to something more type friendly.

This process has many uses. And there is no need to create your own action to handle the needs of large numbers of trimming and isolation to separate pngs. Whether you are making sprites for an animation, cutting up custom images or elements for a website, or creating individual logo files this little tip can save you time and a little bit of carpal tunnel.

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