How to do social media marketing right for your website

How to do Social Media Marketing

One of the main items to consider prior to having an active social presence is how well it will be received. If you don’t have a dedicated staff to look over the contacts you will have, you will have a stale presence. That presents you as inattentive at best, neglectful at worst. That becomes a losing situation to be in adn you SHOULD NOT do social media if you are not going to be on it at least once every day (or some staff member of your team). It can be a venue for people to complain and you need to have an effective response. Some quick pointers below for how to do social media marketing right from the start.

1. Always get your twitter handle, facebook name, and other social media and web 2.0 sites parked so that they cant be taken by someone else. If you are not ready to hit your social plan, give us a call and let us help design your social project map.

2. Never get into any sort of an argument that looks bad, even slightly, as it is broadcast to many of your clients instantly. Be attentive, but directing people to get in contact is a great avenue that gets a solution (and garbage posts removed often)

3. Create a unique artwork set for FACEBOOK. If you do not have a complete set of custom graphics that speak to your site, its just not ready to go live yet.

4. Twitter backgrounds are hard to make the correct size! They use a fixed position from top left and the twitter page spans from that, not an easy way to create a custom background that is readable under all screen sizes (think about the tablets, and netbooks)

5. Use the same logo or a close variation. The first thing people question is if they are on the correct site. They need to know at a glance.

6. Give away stuff! People love coupons and other great items and you need to be handing these things out or else you have a presence that has nothing much to offer (unless you have cat pictures, people love cat pictures)

7. Promote your clients, monitor your channels virility in facebook and always be looking to improve this number as much as you can.

8. Tap into the clients, but also their friends. On Facebook you have the most amazing (and scary) set of tools ever imagined to harvest info on your followers and their friends as well. Chances are a former client will know people that can become future clients. Use that.

9. Linked in is for more then just stalking, well its very much for stalking, but it is also a great place to post content to that you need to have the public reading and it WILL get good exposure as long as it is relevant.

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