conceptWork With What Inspires You for Custom Design

At Lakeway Web Design we like to get to know our clients so we can best represent their business. We customize your designs, not only to portray your business as you ideally see it, but also to consider your ideal customer, and avoid presenting concepts your business would like to avoid. In the process of getting to better know you and your corporate or business identity we can provide example imagery to help you decide how to represent your ideas. Our custom logo design and selection process is made to interpret and communicate visually the goals, values, and aspirations of your business.

Make your Logo Stand Above the Competition

Part of the Logo Design and Selection Process is to analyze the competition. A clear concept of the design of competitors can help your business excel beyond the rest. Lakeway Web Design can incorporate ideas that are attractive and avoid the common pitfalls of your competition. We will make your logo, graphics, and themes look the best for your business.

Pick from a Custom Selection of Logos and Designs

It’s called logo selection for a reason! We don’t just provide one concept for your business, but multiple plays on varying concepts, colors, and arrangements. After selection we can refine and perfect the image you wish to express. The synergy between you and our design team will create a personalized look and feel that communicates your ideas to customers.


Prepare Your Choice of Logo for Multiple Media

We can create a logo that is versatile and flexible for multiple media. We assure you that your logo will have the same impact in both print and web designs as well as provide you with colors schemes and pure black and crisp white compatibility. Multiple files with specific vector or raster graphics can be provided with descriptions of the optimal use for each file, including print house compatible files and Pantone colors as well as web safe designs that still have the same punch on different monitors and RGB settings.


Face to face logo design in Austin


Start with an initial face to face meeting and from that point we look at some logos that work for you and some items that you are trying to convey with your
Image. This is enough for us to start our initial design concepts and we will provide you a choice selection of up to 8 variations based off the initial meeting. We will further refine those into your ideal brand logo on the second go around. We then develop that concept into all your social media brands/letterhead formats/website formats and provide you the SOURCE image in its native Adobe Illustrator format that you can have printed.