Modern UX Creation Process for Digital Goods

Intuitive navigation and modern design principles allow you to have a customer experience that converts browsers into leads. The best approach to getting a consistent and engaging UX, or User Experience, is to prototype from the viewpoint of the end user. To this end we create user personas that allow us to demographically cast the user into the experience that they most likely will have with the website.

Modern templating allows for us to create engaging experiences for end users based upon device type, time of day, and a multitude of other variables that can be set. This part of the process entails using either ready made demo-typed layouts, or engaging in user research to create the highest converting layouts that we can test.

The next step in the process is to come up with a conversion metric we are targeting on the specific template. Effect changes that are geared to drive that metric higher, and then test the templates against the existing content.

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