Providing Clients with Post-Production Usability

When handing over a completed site to a new client here at Austin Web Design we consider it professional and helpful to send with it a user manual for how things are structured, especially on a Joomla CMS.

Creating a Module Stylesheet

For pages with several module layouts it may be confusing for administrators to have to go in and take a guess at modules. It is helpful to name the module name whatever the title text of the module is displaying as on the page. If the module name is the same for several modules you can specify which one by id number. It may also be helpful to just recognize several small areas by their position name and number, especially for text block modules that happen in be in rows across the page.


A simple screenshot taken of the page will do. Then you can pop it into Photoshop and place color coordinated squares around the modules. You can write the information directly in the boxes or next to them on the page. Or utilizing color coordination you can write out the names, id numbers, or module positions on another less crowded page.

Other Helpful How-To’s

Other things like links to videos on how to write blog posts and other backend management tasks so that people new to web administration  have a real time visual explanation of how to use their new site that they can go back to again and again if they forget how to use something. Also we have a series of written web tutorials that can model simple website tasks. Check out our article by company CEO Jerod Moore on how to write killer tutorials. I highly recommend writing articles about using your products and saving them as a resource for clients. Other companies also have helpful resources that your clients could use. When considering new color schemes for sites it would be helpful to include in a client package links to sites like Adobe Kuler. Links to products and services on  your own site like the Adobe Creative Cloud could be helpful to clients as well as show that you are up to date with industry standards for technology.


Handing over not just websites, but packages of information like module stylesheets or videos, is a professional move that creates a sense of trust and a good name for your company.  Moreover it is just plain helpful and respectful to people who may have never administered a website before. Also it can help cut down on calls or emails asking how to write a blog post or move a widget, which saves you time. It is standard procedure here at Lakeway Web Design.

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