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Usually when I work with a client I am mocking up several pages for traditional website. A new page loads, and the website becomes a tree of linked pages. Having more pages with more words for Google to crawl is better for SEO, but sometimes that is not what a client needs. Enter the balance of Menu, Taxonomy, and structured content.

CMS Solutions with WordPress

Some of the best ways to present a different navigation element are with additional pages that have new menu items, this leads to one problem however. The orphaned viewer. The person becomes by necessity pigeon holed into browsing the specific sub-category and often will have a hard time finding a pathway to a more appropriate page. Thus WordPress has a solution with Taxonomy and various ways to present the same content.

Navigation solution with Sitemaps and Contact Forms

A tag and category are both viable options for a end-user to find information with, but how can they get that information in an easy way? We use the catchall of a straightforward addressing of the problem on websites. A link needs to be shown on all pages that asks if the person is lost or looking for something else like below.

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That leads to a page that allows them to checkout the sitemap for the website and also to use a quick contact form to query the site owner. The results? Amazing upticks in contact form submissions and significant improvements in time on site. Not using WordPress? You can easily implement the same idea into any CMS quickly and easily. Not sure how? Give us a call and we can get you straightened out.

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