Tips for Creating Marketing Video

Marketing Videos that get Results

Some of the challenges with creative design for the internet are actually compounded when we look at video production and the exposure you hope to gain from it. You have a very small window to create and capture the message and display it in a meaningful and stylistic manner.

tips for creating marketing videos

1. It needs to brand, your brand. Beginning and end at a minimum. Visually
2. It must convey a meaning, the story if you will, which must have relevence and be important enough to envoke a response from your clients.
3. Messages need to have timeliness and velocity
4. You MUST make it relevant or informational
5. Style Style Style

You have to gather the needed clips and start with a good NLE that’s non-linear editor for the record such as premiere, vegas, or finalcut. Post composition needs to be done in a package like aftereffects or c4d. Logo is a prominent idea to represent at the closeout of your video.

In general. If you are setting up a video for a pitch, 30 seconds for a product 2 mins. MAX. These rules only apply to your productions for your pitches and products. Check out our short grabber and see how fast it gets to the point, messages, and brands. All in ~30 seconds.

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